The Number 1 Thing To Avoid During Your Health Care Talks

The Number 1 Thing To Avoid During Your Health Care Talks

Health Care Classes and Lunch & Learns are excellent ways to acquire new patients, spread the word about your clinic and build great rapport.

Of course, prior to performing your talks hours of preparation takes place.  Things like crafting the layout of your talk, creating Power Point slides, creating hand outs, marketing & promoting your lecture and so on and so on

So naturally, you want to make sure that the majority of those in attendance sign up for your care, right? Read more

How To Effectively Convert Skeptical People Into Perfect New Patients

How To Convert Skeptical People Into New Patients

We’ve all had to deal with skeptical people… whether that be during our public talks, consultations, webinars or whatever.

And I know that probably most of you hate when they come into your office because they won’t become patients and they are just wasting your time.

Well, what would you think if i said that I would rather hold an entire chiropractic workshop, webinar or do a consult with people that are skeptical about chiropractic than those that are not! Read more