How To Get Your Clinic To Stand Out And Get More New Patients Next Week

How To Get Your Clinic To Stand Out And Get More New Patients Next Week.

In today’s chiropractic marketing blog, I’m going to talk to you about how to get your clinic to stand out from all other clinics in your community and drive an abundant of new patients to your office.

As I’ve said so many times in this chiropractic blog and my chiropractic podcast, chiropractors are a dime a dozen and clinics can be found on almost every corner.  Furthermore, they essentially offer all the same thing… “We treat spinal dysfunction.  Come on in and get your spine adjusted for optimal health and function.”

And interestingly enough, even though chiropractic is so effective and doctors use the above in all their talks and promotions… there are still so many of these chiropractors just barely scraping by. Read more

Crush’n It 003: How To Grow A Busy Clinic When You Have A Busy Life With Dr. Carolyn Griffin

On today’s session of the Crush’n It Chiropractic Podcast we interview Dr. Carolyn Griffin an extremely busy doctor who runs a successful practice, is a public speaker, mother and bikini model.

In this episode, Dr. Griffin tells us how she grew her clinic, why it’s important to delegate and  develop trust in order to grow your clinic!

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For those who are interested in Dr. Griffin’s “Women, Wine & Wellness” promotion that helped grow her clinic, you can connect with her directly via her Facebook account…

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Crush’n It 002: Power Hitting Chiropractic Promotions Ideas And Patient Management With Dr. DelRae Messer


Crush'n It Chiropractic Marketing Podcast


In this session of the Crush’n It Podcast we interview Dr. DelRae Messer.

Dr. Messer is an amazing self promoter that has built an incredibly successful business.  She was a single mother entering into graduate school and despite obvious challenges, Dr. Messer became a very successful doctor and business woman.

In this session of the Crush’n It Chiropractic Marketing Podcast, Dr. Messer reveals what she feels is the most important patient management concept and reveals her power hitting chiropractic promotion that drove a lot of new patients to her office!

Crush’n It 001: How To Effectively Grow A Successful Clinic with Dr. Charles Majors


Crush'n It Chiropractic Marketing Podcast

Crush’n It Chiropractic Marketing Podcast

In today’s episode of the Crush’n It Chiropractic Marketing Podcast, we interview Dr Charles Majors.

In September 2010, Dr. Majors was diagnosed with an incurable bone marrow cancer that metastasized to his brain.

Through natural methods, not only did he cure himself of his cancer, but thrives and has developed a multi-million dollar clinic empire.

In this episode of the Crush’n It podcast, Dr. Majors reveals  how he over came terminal cancer, grew his multi-million dollar practice and he gives us actionable steps to develop our own wildly successful clinic!