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Massage therapy are capable of doing much more to suit your needs beyond making muscle tissue feel better. While you probably understand that it can help conditions for example carpal tunnel syndrome, lumbar pain, neck pain and athletic injuries, you might not be aware that massage therapy is also good for treating some emotional issues, for example depression.

There are categorically various kinds of depression, and varying levels thereof. Serious depression, obviously should always be treated first with a physician, to find out what can best assist you to. Massage therapy must be used only just as one adjunct for minor cases of depression, whereas much more serious cases might require other types of medical care. Speak to your doctor in what is best for you personally.

How does massage therapy help with depression?

Essentially, Massage therapy stimulates nerve receptors within your body, which experts claim releases mood-enhancing chemicals for example serotonin and dopamine. Because serotonin and dopamine affect the human brain cells associated with mood, sexual interest and function, appetite, sleep, memory and learning, temperature regulation, and a few social behaviour, insufficient these brain chemicals might have widespread implications to your life. You can already find out how a massage therapy could be beneficial.

In addition to improving serotonin and dopamine levels naturally, massage therapy can also decrease the levels of cortisol within you. Cortisol is really a hormone secreted because of your adrenal glands, and it is secreted in higher levels whenever we experience a ‘fight or flight’ a reaction to something. Obviously an essential hormone during emergencies, repeated contact with stressful situations causes resting numbers of the hormone to stay higher than they needs to be, driving increase blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and suppressing your body’s defence mechanism. An ongoing condition such as this can lead to depression, what exactly is essentially your own body’s defence against repeating stressful events (much like your mind starting a fetal position to safeguard you). Massage therapy then, can help to eliminate these levels and thereby  enhance your ability to handle ongoing stress in your lifetime.

Furthermore, Massage therapy has been shown to improve alpha brain wave activity, the mind activity commonly seen once we are relaxed, yet focused but still conscious. Alpha brain waves are commonly  noticed in people meditating, in addition to athletes who’re competing at elite levels. By increasing the frequency of alpha brain wave activity, you’ll function better at the office and in stressful situations.

So understand that while your massage therapy seamless comfort, it really is having a physical impact on you to make this happen.


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