Your First Visit

Doctor Discussing Treatment PlanOn your 1st visit to our office you’re going to find that it is very similar to any other type of health care office. Our receptionist will ask of your ID information as well as insurance and you’ll spend a few minutes filling out paperwork and signing some basic forms.
After a taking a history of your condition, Dr. Milestone will perform a thorough musculoskeletal and neurological exam of your spine and any joint that is causing your health problems or concerns.

Following this, if required, a series of X-Rays will be taken to determine exactly where the problems in your spine lay.  These are vital and will help us accurately diagnose the cause of your condition.

After thisour receptionist will set you up for your next appointment and give you some instructions for getting through the next few hours and days with minimal discomfort.

The 2nd visit is vital also as it is during this time that Dr. Milestone will explain what your exam and X-rays showed and then give you his recommendations for care.


Depending on the problems that Dr. Milestone finds, he will then perform a Chiropractic adjustment and then possibly some therapy such as electric stim or massage. The 1st adjustment is usually given with very light force so don’t be worried.