Our team at Elite Chiro Websites have aimed to create the most effective chiropractic website to drive new patients to your office and although our goal is to motivate your visitors to book with your office immediately, naturally there will be those visitors that are just not quite ready to book an appointment.

leadAs such, to maximize your visitor conversion, we have incorporated our automatedLead Capture & Auto-Responder feature!

With this automated feature (meaning your website does all the work for you), visitors are offered to download a FREE E-Book and Condition Report by simply leaving their email address.

Once done, their email address is instantly placed into your Elite Chiro Website’s Auto-Responder list where your visitor will then be automatically sent from your website, a monthly Health Newsletter.

This achieves 2 main objectives…

  1. You will be seen as an authority in your community
  2. Your clinic will always be top of mind. So that when your visitor feels the need to see a chiropractor or knows someone that needs to, it will be your clinic that they will think of first!

Tell-A-Friend Feature

As you know, many people search online for chiropractors for their friends and family members, as such we have included our Tell-A-Friend feature that allows visitors to send a direct email to their loved one’s email address which includes a pre-written message (that can be edited by your visitor) along with a direct link to your Elite Chiro Website.

This not only eliminates your visitors from giving the wrong website address, but it also makes it easy and convenient for their loved ones to get directly in contact with you and book an appointment!