We all know that health care talks and face to face interactions are the best way to convert people into new patients, right?

And where can your LARGEST audience always be

ONLINE of course!

And that’s why we have designed our exclusive Elite Chiro Website Live & Interactive Video Webinar feature where you can take ALL your health care classes and promotions online and reach potentially 100’s, even 1000’s of people with every one of your health care talks!

With your exclusive Elite Chiro Live Video Webinar feature, not only do you have the ability to interact with your online viewer, but after getting them excited about your care, with just a couple clicksthey can immediately download your promotional health certificate, fill out your online fillable intake form  and book their appointment with your Online Patient Scheduler just like they would if they were there in your clinic!

And It Doesn’t Stop There!

We have also included in your Elite Chiro Website an Event Calendar that lists all your upcoming talks and promotions so that your visitors can know when to tune in to your next webinar or visit you at your next promotion.


Along with your Event Calendar, your visitors can opt in to receive a reminder email to remind them of a webinar or promotion that is of interest to them and their email address will then go to your website’s Fully Automated Auto-Responder. (Prakhar: make this a clickable link that takes the person to the Lead Capture and Autoresponder page)

Now just imagine how many people you can reach and how many new patients you could get when we optimize your Website for an incredible 45 keywords with our Elite Plan!