As A New Chiropractor Should You Give Discounts for Your Care?

This is a pretty hotly debated question and perhaps some of the things that I will say in this blog, you will completely disagree with. But having said that, I will tell you exactly how I approached my consults who asked for discounts. Read more

How To Skyrocket Your Chiropractic Practice By Having Fewer Clinic Hours!

Yup! As counter-intuitive as this may sound, you can ramp up your new chiropractic practice success faster by having less clinic hours and I’m going to tell you just how to skyrocket your chiropractic practice by having fewer hours. Read more

How To Hire A New Receptionist Without Paying Her/Him

If you’re starting your clinic from scratch and you are like most new doctors, money is going to be tight.

You have your rent to pay, school loans to pay, lease payments on your equipment, chiropractic marketing, hydro bills, electrical bills,   so on and so on.  Money is limited and you can be spending money in all directions… but any successful clinic has receptionists.

Think about it… have you ever gone to a dentist who books your appointments, reschedules, answers the phone, calls your insurance company and performs dental procedures?  Would you even go to a dentist that does all that?  What would be your first impression of that doc?! Read more

Should I Have An Open Concept Clinic or a Closed Concept Clinic?

There is great debate as to whether an Open Concept Chiropractic Clinic or a Closed Concept Clinic is better.

And of course just like anything else there are pros and cons to them.  Now keep in mind that there are high volume clinic that use both layouts.  It really just comes down to which environment you like. Read more

Should I Open A Chiropractic Clinic From Scratch?

When graduating from chiropractic college, the first question asked by any new chiropractor is… “Should I buy an existing clinic or should I start a chiropractic clinic from scratch?”

Well if you read my first blog, I outlined the pros and cons to buying an existing clinic and I kinda tried to discourage chiros from buying.  Again, there are many benefits to buying an existing practice, but I think that after reading this blog, you’ll probably feel that starting a clinic from the ground up is better. Read more

How to open a new chiropractic office.

Should I Buy An Existing Chiropractic Office Or Should I Start One From Scratch?

So you’re a new doctor of chiropractic! You’re pumped! You just passed your board exams, you march off campus with your green books under one shoulder, your full spine model under the other and you’re wearing your 4 phases of segmental degeneration model pieces strung around your neck like a Zulu warrior ready to take on the world and heal the population one spine at a time! Read more