Crush’n It 006: Why You Should Niche Your Clinic For Massive Clinic Success

Crush'n It Guest Dr. Moyal Final

Today’s guest on the Crush’n It Chiropractic Podcast is Dr. William Moyal.

On this episode, Dr. William Moyal sheds a tear and reveals a heart breaking story of the biggest challenge that he has ever faced and how he over came it and continued to build a crazy successful clinic!

A truly amazing story of mental fortitude and unrelenting drive that Dr. Moyal possess to overcome this challenge in his life and strive.

In addition, Dr. Moyal talks about why chiropractors should create a niche for their clinic and how it has helped him travel the world and have world class and Olympic athletes as his patients.

Dr. Moyal’s 6 Step Protocol Seminar that synthesizes all the great works from such prestigious doctors as Arno Burnier, John Mennel, Janet Travell into a intense power workshop that simplify the whole teaching process by teaching you six principles and three moves that will clear up 90 to 95% of all cases whether they be chronic or difficult cases or sports injuries that walk into your office.

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