A pair of shoes usually sells for $67. If the shoes are 30% off, and sales tax is 7%, what is the total price of the shoes including tax?

Accepted Solution

Answer:$50.18Step-by-step explanation:First, you would need to figure out 30% of 67. By doing 67 multiplied by 0.3 (or 30% as a decimal), you get 20.1Then, subtract 20.1 from 67 in order to figure out the price of the shoes after the discount. Once you do this, you will get 46.9, or $46.90Next, to apply the sales tax, you need to find 7% of 67. By multiplying 46.9 and 0.07 (or 7% as a decimal), you will get 3.283. Since this is money, you will need to round your decimal to the nearest cent, or the hundredths place and get 3.28Since 3.28 is the tax of the discounted price, you will add that amount to 46.9. Once you do this, you will get 50.18This means that the final price of the pair of shoes is $50.18