I NEED HELP PLEASE who ever can help me with this you are amazing!i know it looks like a lot but it is not :)Delaney would like to make a 5 lb nut mixture that is 60% peanuts and 40% almonds. She has several pounds ofpeanuts and several pounds of a mixture that is 20% peanuts and 80% almonds. Let p represent the number ofpounds of peanuts needed to make the new mixture, and let m represent the number of pounds of the 80% almond20% peanut mixture.(e) Identify two relationships, setup an equation for each relationship, and use those two equations to setup asystem that models this situation.(f) Use the system you found from Part A to determine which of the following is a solution to the system:a. 2 lb peanuts and 3 lb mixtureb. 2.5 lb peanuts and 2.5 lb mixturec. 4 lb peanuts and 1 lb mixtureNote: Make sure to show your work verifying if the answer is a solution to the system.

Accepted Solution

Answer:This is a mixture problem. Let's call the mixture of20%peanuts - 80% almonds as mixture ALet's call the100% peanuts as mixture Band the60% peanuts - 40% almonds as mixture CSince we get mixture C by adding mixture A and B together, we know that the amount in pounds of mixture A and mixture B is 5 pounds.Hence welet m be the amount in pounds of 20%peanuts-80% almonds mixture, or mixture Aand50-m be the amount in pounds of mixture BSo, the system of equations that models this situation is:0.20m + 1(50-m) = 0.60(5)0.80m + 0(50-m) = 0.40(5)Solving for m using equation 2 gives usm = 2.5 lb.That means it will take 2.5 lb of mixture A (20%peanuts-80%almonds) and 2.5 lb of mixture B (100%peanuts) to form 5 lb of mixture C (60%peanuts-40%almonds). Read more on Brainly.com - explanation: Look it up it makes things a lot eaiser