O.9c + 1.89r = 17.01 c=18.9 - 2.1r equation answer

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]c=18.90-2.1r[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:The complete question isA chef bought $17.01 worth of ribs and chicken. Ribs cost 1.89 per pound and chicken costs 0.90 per  pound. The equation 0.90 +1.89r = 17.01 represents the relationship between the quantities in this  situation. Show that each of the following equations is equivalent to 0.9c + 1.89r = 17.01. Then, explain when it might be helpful to write the equation in these forms. a. c=18.9-2.1r. b. r= -10÷2c+9​we have thatThe linear equation in standard form is [tex]0.90c+1.89r=17.01[/tex]wherec is the pounds of chickenr is the pounds of ribsstep 1Solve the equation for cThat means ----> isolate the variable cSubtract 1.89r both sides[tex]0.90c=17.01-1.89r[/tex]Divide by 0.90 both sides[tex]c=(17.01-1.89r)/0.90[/tex]Simplify[tex]c=18.90-2.1r[/tex]step 2 Solve the equation for rThat means ----> isolate the variable rSubtract 0.90c both sides[tex]1.89r=17.01-0.90c[/tex]Divide by 1.89 both sides[tex]r=(17.01-0.90c)/1.89[/tex]Simplify[tex]r=9-0.48c[/tex]thereforeThe equation [tex]c=18.90-2.1r[/tex] is equivalent The equation is helpful, because if I want to know the number of pounds of chicken, I just need to substitute the number of pounds of ribs in the equation to get the result.