Please help! I do not understand this type of math no matter how hard I try, and I would be so glad to recieve some help with his. Thank you!Ben is making a dessert that requires 212 lb of strawberries and 112 lb of blueberries. Strawberries cost $1 less per pound than blueberries. Ben spent a total of $9.50 on the fruit. What is the price per pound of each type of fruit?

Accepted Solution

Answer:let x equal the pounds of blueberries.let y = the pounds of strawberries.blueberries cost 4 dollars a pound.strawberries cost 3 dollars a pound.total cost has to be less than 21 dollars.equation for that is:4x + 3y <= 21you need at least 3 pounds of fruit to make muffins.equation for that is:x + y >= 3is it possible to buy 4 pounds of blueberries and 1 pound of strawberries in this scenario?4 pounds of blueberries costs 4 * 4 = 16 dollars.1 pound of strawberries costs 3 * 1 = 3 dollars.total cost is 19 dollars which is less than the maximum amount of money than can be spent.5 pounds of fruit is greater than the minimum amount of fruit required.answer is yes.all the requirements are met.pounds of fruit need to be greater than 3.dollars of cost need to be less than 21.Step-by-step explanation:You can spend at most $21 on fruit. Blueberries cost $4 per pound and strawberries cost $3 per pound. You need at least 3 pounds to make muffins.a. Define the variables.b. Write a system of linear inequalities that represents this situation.c. Graph the system of linear inequalities.d. Is it possible to buy 4 pounds of blueberries and 1 pound of strawberries in this situation? Justify your answer.