PLEASE HEP ME QUICK!!!!: Tom travels between the two mile markers shown and then finds his average speed in miles per hour. Select the three equations that represent this situation.

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]speed=\frac{195\ miles}{3\ hours}[/tex][tex]3\ hours=\frac{195\ miles}{speed}[/tex][tex]3\ hours*(speed)=195\ miles[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:we know thatThe speed is equal to divide the distance by the timeLetx -----> the distance in milesy ----> the time in hours[tex]speed=\frac{x}{y}[/tex]we haveThe distance is equal to subtract 35 miles from 230 miles[tex]x=230-35=195\ miles[/tex]The time is equal to subtract 1:30 pm from 4:30 pm[tex]y=4:30\ pm-1:30\ pm=3\ hours[/tex]substitute in the formula of speed[tex]speed=\frac{195\ miles}{3\ hours}[/tex]Isolate 3 hours[tex]3\ hours=\frac{195\ miles}{speed}[/tex]Isolate 195 miles[tex]195\ miles=3\ hours*(speed)[/tex]